Sunday, April 26, 2015

Diaper cake for my nephew

Finally I have backed to my blog and ready to share with you my new tutorial. Tutorial of the Rainbow cardigan that I promised to share with you last time is almost ready and you can enjoy it as soon as possible. Today I would like to share with you my  tasty cake recipe. Within 1 month my brother and his wife are waiting for a baby, and  as a good sister and might be future Godmother I decided to make something that will be cute and useful at the same time. For this I bought 2 packs of diapers (7-14kg), in total 84 diapers. I used 3 different colors of corrugated paper, 6 rubber bands, cardboard tubes and stripes for decoration.

First of all before the start I would highly recommend you to clean you hands. I believe its important to practice hygiene.
So, my cake has 4 layers. The first and the second layers I was doing with the help of pot. While doing first layer I let the center empty and then fulfill it with another roll of diapers. here some pics to understand.

Repeat the same steps for second layer but with less diameter. The third and the fourth layers try to make without pot, just lay the diapers circularly and fix them with a  rubber band.
When all layers are ready use cardboard sticks and center them.
Now cake is ready to decorate it. As I said before I used corrugated paper and wrapped cake.

 I also made a base for cake to put it on. I just cut cardboard circle and decorated it with brown paper.
And my favorite part is a cake decoration. I bought a lot of thing to put inside. It is baby socks, shampoo, baby cotton sticks, cotton hat, flat backs to decorate edges and many other things that will be useful for the baby and can safe parents' budget. Please feel free to add other interesting baby products.

 At the end I wrapped my present and let it wait for future small prince.
I hope it was interesting post for you, please if you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask me or visit my web site where you can find better tutorial explanation.

See you soon!

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