Sunday, March 22, 2015

Crochet strawberry for rainbow cardigan

Good day! Getting warmer hurrah! I am in a perfect mood today and hurry to share with you new tutorial of crochet strawberry.  I decided to start new project - Rainbow cardigan and I will use this strawberry for its decoration.
Its absolutely easy tutorial, just follow link
For this tutorial I used cotton yarn and mix of cotton and acrylic yarn. Hook number 2 or 2.5 mm. For seeds imitation I have used Czech beads. Instead of beads you can simply embroider seeds  using white sewing thread.

Please, let me know if you like this pattern because you are the only one who inspire me. I am all the time happy to read your comments and you are welcome to correct me and my English.

Friday, March 20, 2015

 Hi there, finally I have found time to write here and to tell you about my new projects. I know I was absent quite long time but I didn't stop crocheting. I have also learnt new kind of creation, such as felting, quilling, scrap booking and even abru. I promise I will appear more often but if no, you can all the time check web side where I share all my creation
And today I would like to share with you tutorial of amazing crochet hat with big flower.
I have used 2.5 mm hook and Yarnart Jeans threads. It is mix of cotton and acrylic. Use only cotton threads if you want.
The main secret is to use bright summer colors. In addition I have decorated the hat with beads.
I would like to crochet the same kind of hat but in yellow or bright pink, I am sure it will be amazing. Yarnart Jeans  has big variety of glowing colors.
I have made this easy hat for my sweet niece during the evening. Following the link you can find simple tutorial with bunch of pics to help you.
Please enjoy the pattern and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.