Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweety sugary candies

Me and my friends desided to remember our childhood with sugary candies. Recipe is so easy, sugar plus vinegar and forms.WUALYA :)

Have a nice work week!!!!

Cooking paste

I am the worst cook in the whole World, not cuz i cant do it but cuz i hate to do it. Anyway sometimes in my free time when i get inspiration i am trying to do something yummy yummy)) So today i am cooking paste from eggplant.
And garnish as macaroni with meat. MMmmmMMmmmmm it was really deliciousas for me.

And tomorrow I will cook sugar candies from my childhood.

Soap boiling

It was real boom in my country when someone started boiling soap. I remember TV news talking about it, how its healthy and  fascinating.My first trial was with shop soap for babies. So to this one I have added olive oil and other ingredients.

My kiwi-soap with kiwi smell and  taste))

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just bib

I have found blog where i have seen bib with elephant. .From other side of trunk i have sewed button for baby's dummy. I think it looks cute and i hope newborn and his mam will like my work.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Funny friends applique

It was real fun to do these colored bodies, i decided to sew it for my new basket, it will look fascinating. I hope u will like my new project, and if you have any questions you can mail me all the time. Have a nice time!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Flower headband,jewelry,bracelet

Easy and mega easy headband. You need 1 hour at least. Plus you can wear it as bracelet or scarf or brooch and even decorate your bag. Visit my ravelry to see more information how to receive it.

Baby cocoon

In my opinion this is a big and great project, I was doing it more than one week. It was almost 4 months ago. I finished it exactly when my roommate opened the door in our room. She was so excited and surprised. Her first words to me -Could you please sell it to me, i like it so much. I asked her -Why???? And she lied ))))))- My friend is pregnant now, and i wanna make her a present. Of course i agreed. But after i knew that her friend is she, she had beed pregnant for 4 months and i was so silly and didnt  remark it. No money  of course, how can I take it))))). To finish this set i did baby hat too))))

I like this set and i really didnt wait such result. What can i say is that cam can't express this cocoon as it is, just believe me its looking very cool. I was hurry to remember how i did it, so i wrote pattert with great explanations and pictures. And if you like it you can buy it, just mail me. And if you have any questions i will be happy to answer them. See ya.